Waxing – How it Works. Waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal that works by pulling the hair out from the root, rather than at the surface of the skin as with shaving or the use of creams, with the result of having the area hair free for between two and six weeks.

The main methods used are that of “Warm Waxing”, where a thin layer of wax is spread over the skin, a paper strip is then pressed on the top and then removed, removing the wax along with the hair

We advise our clients to exfoliate a few hours before waxing as this will help any hair about to break the surface of the skin to come through.

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Facial Waxing Ladies Gents
Eyebrows £10 £10
Forehead £8 £8
Upper Lip £7 £10
Lower Lip £7 £10
Chin £5 £7
Cheeks £6 £8
Side of Face £8 £10
Full Face (Including Eyebrows £25 Prices Coming Soon
Body Waxing                                     Ladies Gents
Full Legs £20 £30
Half Legs £15 £22
Full Arms £15 £25
Half Arms £10 £15
Abdomen starts from £10 £15
Back starts from £10 £20
Underarms £8 £12
Shoulders £8 £12
Full body (including High Bikini wax) £104 NOW ONLY £69 Prices coming soon
Threading Ladies Gents
Eyebrows £7 £10
Forehead £8 Prices Coming Soon
Upper Lip £5 Prices Coming Soon
Lower Lip £5 Prices Coming Soon
Chin £8 Prices Coming Soon
Cheeks £8 Prices Coming Soon
Side of Face £10 Prices Coming Soon
Full Face (Including Eyebrows) £40 Prices Coming Soon
NEW  – Hot Waxing Ladies Gents
Basic Bikini Wax £12 Prices Coming Soon
High Bikini Wax £15 Prices Coming Soon
Brazilian Wax £22 Prices Coming Soon
Hollywood Wax £32 Prices Coming Soon
Nostril Hot Waxing Ladies Gents
NEW Nostril waxing £10 £12